Membership Benefits

Why Join TexTESOL III?

  • Professional Development Scholarships: TexTESOLIII awards hundreds of dollars in scholarships for professional development at conferences to member students, professionals, and board members.
  • Awards: TexTESOL III honors one member annually as TexTESOLer of the Year to reward his/her service to TexTESOL III and the Central Texas educational community. TexTESOL III also presents an annual Best of the Best award for the regional conference presenter who receives the highest positive feedback from attendees. The recipients of these awards receive full funding for registration to attend the state conference, where the award is presented.
  • Networking: TexTESOL III events are the place to meet professionals from your field. Get together and share ideas during our conferences, workshops, mixers, and other educational events.
  • Professional development: TexTESOL III is committed to creating ongoing professional development opportunities for our members. Stay up to date by reading our newsletters and website, attending our workshops and conferences, and learning about other opportunities to share and increase your knowledge.
  • Representation: By joining TexTESOL III, you will be a part of an organization that represents you at the state, national, and international levels. Your membership is an investment in your profession.
  • Opportunities to get involved: Whether you would like to present or volunteer at a conference, write for the newsletter, or serve on the TexTESOL III board, there are many ways you can share your expertise and learn from other professionals in your field. Your TexTESOL III board would love for you to share your opinions, professional plans, and needs. Be vocal and active in your professional path, and together we can plan opportunities for professional development that is meaningful to you and your colleagues.