Joint Membership

Take Advantage of TexTESOL III and TESOL Co-membership Program

TESOL and TEXTESOL III have a Co-membership Program, which permits both TESOL and TexTESOL III at the same time for a reduced combined membership fee. Co-membership nets a 25 percent savings on both memberships.

How to Join

You must enroll by phone for the Co-membership option. Call TESOL Membership at 1-240-646-7037 M – F between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm Central Time. Tell them you want to join or renew under the co-membership option.

How You Save

If you join each association separately:
TESOL Individual membership: $98.00
TexTESOL III Regular membership: $15.00
Total: US $113.00

If you join with the Co-membership Program:
Total cost : US $87.50

A $25.50 savings!!!

The billing cycle for anyone joining the Co-membership Program will be on an anniversary billing basis (e.g., if you join May 31, your expiration date will be June 30 of the following year. If you have any questions about the Co-Membership Program, please contact TESOL or the TexTESOL III membership chair.