Exceptional Service

TexTESOL III is proud to announce the winners of the award for Exceptional Service. This award was established in 2012 to honor TexTESOL III board members for service above and beyond the requirements of the position.

Linda Muñoz: 2016 Award for Exceptional Service to TexTESOL III
Linda Muñoz, PhD, has taught ESL for 25 years to international students in university intensive English programs and to refugees and immigrants in adult literacy/community education programs. Currently, she is Senior Program Director of Adult and Developmental Education at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Linda has been active in TESOL for many years, most recently having served as president for TexTESOL Region III during the 2016 TexTESOL State Conference.

From Linda’s letter of nomination comes the following, “I first met Linda Munoz when I became a member of the TEXTESOL District 3 Board.  I have been impressed with her dedication to the TESOL organization and to those served by this organization. She has worked tirelessly this year as we prepare for the state convention in Austin at the end of October. I have attended many conferences and now appreciate all the work and preparation that goes into making a conference a reality. A president, in addition to her own role must make sure all other board members complete their duties. For these reasons I nominate Linda Munoz for the TEXTESOL Exceptional Service Award for 2016.”

2015 Exceptional Service to TexTESOL III: N/A

Denise Guckert and Glenda Lynn Rose: 2014 Exceptional Service to TexTESOL III
There are two recipients for the 2014 Exceptional Service Award, Denise Guckert, 2014 President, and Glenda Lynn Rose, 2014 Vice President. Both have shown long-term dedication to TexTESOL III as well as exceptional service planning, promoting, and overseeing the 2014 TexTESOL State Conference.

Denise Guckert is one of those exceptional people who not only make fantastic contributions themselves, but also find and encourage others in the field to contribute. She is able to quickly identify the best traits in everyone she meets and has a knack for tapping into those traits as resources to benefit the larger community. She has brought talent to the TexTESOL Board of Directors by direct invitation, and has also used her influence at the state level to ensure that Texas Teachers of ESL are recognized and supported at every level. She rarely has an unkind word to say about anyone because she is dedicated to focusing on strengths and not weaknesses. In so doing, she has helped to create strong leadership in TexTESOL III and the field as a whole.

Dr. Glenda Rose has been a leader in the field of adult ESOL education for over a decade. Her expertise is broad as she combines her doctorate level degree in foreign language education with a concentration in applied linguistics and teaching English as a second language with her incredible knowledge of how music and movement work to lower affective filters to promote enhanced language acquisition. She creates a classroom environment in which students are accountable but also able to grow as learners, community members, workers, and parents. Yet Glenda’s classes are always fun, full of music, song, movement, and laughter. In fact, she has been asked several times to present her Best of TexTESOL “Beyond Singing: Using Music to Promote Language Learning,” which has been selected as a pre-conference session for this year’s TexTESOL 2014 Conference. Another area of expertise in which Glenda has played an invaluable role in the field of adult education is in technology and distance learning. She is not just capable with technology hardware and software, she is able to seamlessly integrate technology into instruction and has presented countless times across the state to teachers in this area.

Specific to her role with the TexTESOL Board, her incredible support over the last few years has been invaluable as she took on the role of treasurer for four years. When a new treasurer came on board, Glenda worked to support the transition and is always quick to assist if needed. Glenda has selflessly provided her WebEx meeting capability to support virtual board meetings for several years. She has almost perfect attendance to all board meetings and board functions. When it comes to assisting with fall local affiliate events, Glenda is always on the planning committee and assisting on-site as well at the registration table. With this years joint TexTESOL 2014 Conference, Glenda’s contribution as the Conference Treasurer has been invaluable. Her ability to set up PayPal for online payment and invoicing and her expertise in bookkeeping has saved all of the TexTESOL affiliates several thousand dollars that we would typically need to pay to an outside service. In sum, GLenda Rose is someone that the TexTESOL board has always been able to count on. It is wonderful to know that she is at our side through thick and thin, ready to give 100% to help in any way she can. Dr. Glenda Rose is simply awesome, and her contributions to TexTESOL III should not go unrecognized.

 Jill Rolston-Yates: 2013 Award for Exceptional Service to TexTESOL III
Jill Rolston-Yates has taught EFL in Japan, ESL in Intensive English Programs at University of Hawaii and Texas State, San Marcos, and ESL to immigrants and refugees in Adult Schools and the Cambodian Family Literacy Progam in Southern Californa. She has also authored two English conversation texts, Genbai no Eikaiwa, 1 & 2, with GEOS publications, Japan. She holds a BA from Whitman College in Psychology and Theater, an MFA from the University of Hawaii in Aisian Theater, and an Adult Education Credential in ESL from the University of California, Los Angeles. She currently teaches ESL at Texas Intensive English Program.

During her service to TexTESOL III as Pesident, Jill accepted a position on the 2013 TESOL International Convention Leadership Team. Covering an eighteen month span of time, Jill was TESOL’s Poster Sessions Team Leader for the 2013 convention. To assist in this major undertaking, Jill recruited volunteers from the TexTESOL III membership to assist in the Convention. Her oversight of the Poster Sessions facilitated 75 presentations at the convention for a total of 1089 TESOL conferees from around the world in attendance! After her successful team leadership position in 2013, Jill plans to present at the 2014 TESOL convention, as she did at the 2012 TESOL Convention where she participated in three presentations. TexTESOL III has many dedicated TexTESOLers, but there are none who have served in the multiple roles that Jill has—classroom instructor, TexTESOL III President, and TESOL International Convention Team Leader. —John Schmidt

Linda Muñoz: 2012 Award for Exceptional Service to TexTESOL III
Linda Muñoz, PhD, has taught ESL for 25 years to international students in university intensive English programs and to refugees and immigrants in adult literacy/community education programs. Currently, she is Senior Program Director of Adult and Developmental Education at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

From her letter of nomination: “Linda’s five years of service on the TexTESOL III board have been invaluable. Her planning of the TexTESOL 2011 state conference held in Austin, Texas, was done with meticulous care and forethought and resulted in outstanding and informative community-specific presentations and a well-received showcase of the field’s teachers. She not only addressed individual and specific needs of all aspects of the conference, but she maintained a positive work environment for board members. Her enthusiasm to provide quality services for Texas TESOL members has never ceased or slowed.”