TexTESOL III is an affiliate of TESOL International.  We are one of four active affiliates located in Texas, and serve the Central Texas region.  We are a registered not-for-profit organization governed by a board that is elected by our members.  Annual membership is only $15!  If you are an ESOL,ELL or ESL professional who works with English Language Learners at any age or proficiency, please consider joining our affiliate.

The relationship of TexTESOL III with TESOL International is depends on the strength of our membership, but our role as the Central Texas TexTESOL regional affiliate goes far beyond recruiting members — the volunteers at TexTESOL III, and TESOL on a global level, provide professional support to teachers, students, and administrators, provide diverse opportunities for professional development, facilitate the dissemination of information regarding our field, and provide leadership training for those who wish to serve.